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My shrimp is so weird like when I touch it, it changes colors and kinda spasms sometimes idk

like it was kinda pinkish and then it turned red and now its yellow

and it has a stripe that wasn’t there before

its weird





further clarafication







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You know whats fucking scary? The fact that I could literally change my life at any moment. I could stop talking to everyone that makes me unhappy. I could kiss whoever i want. I could shave my head or get on a plane or take my own life. Nothing is stopping me. The entire world is in my hands, and I have no idea what to do with it.

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orphan black s2 meme | five colors
red [1/5]

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orphan black meme: 3 colors [1/3] » white

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Bite My Tongue // You Me At Six ft. Oli Sykes

I can’t recall the last time someone asking how I was…

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Hey guys, there are a few Orphan Black and Once Upon a Time posts that I’m cleaning out of my drafts and likes, so there will be a few in a row.

If you don’t want to see them, feel free to blacklist them as I will always name the show in the tags.

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Anonymous said: How is orphan black racist?




cosimas character is an amalgation of bay area stereotypes one of which is the White Girl with Dreads trope, which is cultural appropriation even if it is a trope, also the fact that sarah and helenas mother (the person who had them implanted in her uterus artificially) was killed after 1 episode when they could have done so much more, alison’s remark in that one episode where vic thought she was sarah and said he looked “urban” implying that a person with dark skin automatically is suspicious and incapable of living in the suburbs, probably a lot more but im going off the top of my head, so

A few things on this, because I see it now and then in the orphan black tag (why though) and I just have this uncontrollable urge to…


I want to keep this out of any Orphan Black related tags because the fandom doesn’t need the drama. I just want to write a thing. :P

Issue OneCosima is cultural appropriation’s fall girl. FALSE. I notice this comment regarding Cosima’s ‘do cropping up occasionally and I have to say as a POC that first of all, I really don’t consider caucasian people in dreadlocks to be cultural appropriation. If a person wants to wear their hair in a certain fashion, that’s their individual stylistic choice, it doesn’t qualify that person as somehow being racist. Dreads are awesome, rock ‘em if you got ‘em.

Second, Cosima is established as an intelligent girl from a well-to-do and pretty open minded background, which is not uncommon in the world. Cultural appropriation at some point entails oblique mockery of an established minority culture (see: Blackface) which she is clearly not doing.

Third, If Cosima is participating cultural appropriation by merely being a white girl wearing dreadlocks, then by that virtue, so are the thousands of women/men of color who straighten their hair out of it’s natural kink.

Her hairstyle is essentially a non-issue.

Issue 2 - They killed off the only female POC! First of all, Orphan Black is hardly a lilly white show, which is semi-expected being that it’s technically not an American production (good job UK/Canada with representation). Also, Tatiana Maslany is half of the cast, so she’s literally most of the white people. :P

Moving on, Sarah’s birth mother and her untimely demise are greatly important in symbolic context as well as in the context of the story. I have always felt that the writers were obliquely making a profound statement in the case of what the terms “race” or “ethnicity” quantify. If a white woman can be born to a black woman, racist concepts of “ethnic purity” can be cast aside on account of being entirely fallacious (as they can be regardless).

Furthermore Sarah, on account of being born to a black woman, could in a symbolic sense be seen to vicariously imbibe the core political and social conflicts shouldered historically by the black female. Sarah is a runner. She is in search of her stolen family. She is trying to make sense of a currently distorted life. She is fiercely trying to retain her independence of being someone else’s property.

This doesn’t even go to mention the other issue touched upon by having a foreigner of African ancestry be Sarah’s surrogate, as illegal surrogate operations in third world countries is a real issue carrying on today.

The black woman on the show may be dead, but through her daughter, she lives on. And no doubt will she continue to be a reference of analysis for the series.

Issue Three - Alison’s kind of racist. Which is fairly obvious if you watch the scene. Alison’s thinly veiled prejudices (she also tries to mask Felix’s homosexuality, which he happily points out to mess with the tight sphinctered suburbanites) serve to support the theme of the show: nature vs nurture.

Several women share the same face and are distinct only in personality and body language. Of course there’s a clone who judges people based on their ethnicity. There’s probably a Buddhist in the midst, and one that thinks she’s been ‘taken’, or a Daughter of the Confederacy floating around somewhere. One clone’s prejudice does not a racist series make.

With this we hit another non-issue.

Weirdly enough, there is a whole side of Orphan Black that can be analyzed from a symbolic perspective, as it pertains to the representation of people of color, starting from the title and working into the intricacies of the series. This is due to the fact that Orphan Black, like many science fiction shows of it’s type, by its very thematic nature draws easy correlations to the experience of people marginalized because of their color, gender or creed. One can’t judge a show like OB based on what it looks like on the surface. You have to pick away at it.

…and I like digging. So. :P


PREACH, sistah.


ways james could have revealed his animagus secret to lily

  • surprised her mid conversation when he saw the perfect opportunity



  • transformed in the middle of the night while they slept 





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everybody wants to rule the world

for ceren

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We Dornish are a hot-blooded people, quick to anger and slow to forgive.

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Until the Mountain crushed my brother’s skull, no Dornishmen had died in this War of the Five Kings. Tell me, Captain, is that my shame or my glory?

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Summer will end soon enough, and childhood as well
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